Thursday, October 22

How to find the right office and home movers for your big move

Whether you are moving your business from one building to another or simply moving your office from one floor to another in the same building, care is needed for such a move. Most commercial office movers Brisbane companies hire for such a thing guarantee that they can safely do the job for you. All you need to do is to hire them and they will move your stuff safely.

The same goes for home movers. When you hire Brisbane home removalists, you entrust these professionals with the care of your personal belongings. You trust that they do keep their word and transport these from your old home to your new home safely.

While these companies do guarantee the safe transport of your belongings from one place to another, how do you assure yourself that they will do exactly as they say? Is there any way for you to determine whether the mover you choose is trustworthy enough to do the moving for you? How do you find the right home movers and office movers Brisbane companies and residents can trust with such a task?

Tips for finding the right movers for your needs

To find quality movers in your area, you can try this list of tips from people who have found the right movers for their home or office move:

Get recommendations – Ask close friends and family if they have someone in mind for your move. Is there one specific furniture removalist Brisbane friends and family go to for this particular need? Have they used this service provider in the past? Find a company that people you know have already used and can recommend to you.

Ask for a certificate of insurance – Most Brisbane furniture removalists and office movers have insurance coverage and will actually issue a certificate of insurance for your move. This shows that they are confident in what they do but understand that accidents can and do happen. This helps protect your property from damage and also protects you from possible workers’ compensation claims. If your chosen mover won’t do this, find someone else.

Check reviews – If you want to find out whether or not a moving company can be trusted with your moving needs, you should read reviews from previous customers to get an idea as to how they do their work. While reviews can be varied, you will get a general idea from what people are saying on how well or how badly a moving company does their work.

Also worth remembering when choosing from the many office movers Brisbane companies work with and from the list of home movers that you put together is that talking to them before hiring them is a good idea. How these companies handle their customers and how they treat you should always have a bearing on which one you choose. Don’t just go for the cheapest or nearest one. Always aim for quality and flexibility when it comes to finding a mover for your needs.

One mover that you can trust for both your office and home moving needs is Bayside Removals. They offer packages for both office and residential moves. They even offer customised moving options for those who require special services for their move, such as temporary storage space, extra moving boxes, and the like. Check out what they have for your moving needs at and fill out their form to get a quote for your move.