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What to Expect from Mitsubishi Service Centre Near Me

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mitsubishi service centre near me


In Brisbane, you will find many car dealerships that offer car care services specific to the Mitsubishi brand. To help narrow down your options, shop for providers based on costs and services offered.

Convenient Check-In Options

In most cases, car care services are the same in different dealerships. But not all offer express or early bird check-in options.

Express check-in lets you drop off your vehicle at the service centre outside of normal trading hours. If you are in a rush or have a hectic schedule, this option enables you to hit the road immediately after you dropped off your car.

The forms you need to fill out can be emailed or faxed to you so you can complete them beforehand. You have the option to email them back or drop them off with your car.

Early bird check-in, on the other hand, lets you drop off your vehicle before the service centre opens. It’s a perfect option if you want to get things done earlier than usual.

Required forms can be dealt with similar to express check-in.

Capped Price Servicing

Worried about the Mitsubishi service prices making a dent in your bank account?

Under Mitsubishi’s Capped Price Servicing Program, you don’t have to worry about surprises with the service costs. The regular servicing costs will be capped for the first 60,000 KM or the first four years of your ownership.

The Mitsubishi service cost, including the price of the first four regular services that are set at 15,000, 30,000, 45,000, and 60,000 kilometres are capped to avoid costly surprises.

The program was introduced in 2010 designed to deliver extra value to customers of Mitsubishi products. This also contributes to a more affordable and enjoyable ownership experience.

This applies to new vehicles purchased.

But even if you own a used Mitsubishi car, servicing still provides good value for your money. After all, it increases your car’s service life long enough for you to recoup your investment.

Different Inspection and Maintenance Schedule

Different Mitsubishi models require different servicing requirements. It is important to take note of periodic inspection and maintenance schedule for your type of vehicle.

Replacement of gear oil in manual transmission of a petrol engine, for example, is required every 105,000 km of normal usage of an 18 MY MQ Triton and every 195,000 km for an 18MY ZK 18.5 ZL Outlander.

Speak to a Mitsubishi car dealership to get the specific details. Use the search terms Mitsubishi service centre near me to find the nearest business in your area.

As for the Mitsubishi air conditioner service, it must be scheduled at the same time as when the cabin air purifier filter must be replaced. Failure to do so will mean contaminated air particles will be moving inside the vehicle. This will affect the health and comfort of the driver and passengers.

Toowong Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi Service Centre Near Me

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