Thursday, October 22

What to know about Mitsubishi warranty and capped price servicing

In buying any car, you would love to have the best deals that come with it. Aside from paying for the least possible price, you want a purchase that comes with favourable add-ons. Warranty is one of the most popular deal you can get from Mitsubishi. But capped Mitsubishi service price is now a common offer you should know about.

Warranty and capped price servicing are often confused with each other. But there are actually clear lines separating the two. And it’s important to know about such differences, so you can reap the most out of each deal.

Warranty vs capped price servicing

What really is warranty?

For starters, warranty is the assurance given by Mitsubishi to its buyers about its car’s quality. They assure that no faults and damages hide within the units they sell. And to provide such assurance, they offer warranty so they can fix such manufacturing uncertainties which shows after purchase.

When you buy a Mitsubishi car, for example, and you observe that its air conditioning (AC) system isn’t working properly, you can use the warranty to have it fixed. Your car can receive Mitsubishi air conditioning service without paying anything, as long as you’re in an accredited Mitsubishi servicing shop. But you can’t use such warranty if your AC unit acquires problem because of misuse or accidents. Warranty only cover faults or problems that are already present before you purchased the car.

What is capped price servicing?

On the other hand, Mitsubishi capped price service aims to help you with expenses in maintaining or servicing your car. Instead of scratching your head while waiting for the bill after getting a service, the centre will provide you with the exact payment cost before the servicing begins. This avoid the tendency of servicing centres to price you more than the agreed initial rate. See more at Brisbane City Mitsubishi

Moreover, you can enjoy capped price servicing on regular schedule. Such schedule could depend on number of months or mileage, depending on which comes first.

And Mitsubishi service price could be capped for the first 3 years after purchase. However, the price you need to pay will depend on few factors, such as the model of your car and the schedule you want. In addition, you should remember some important factors while your car is still eligible for capped pricing. Avoid bringing it to unaccredited servicing shops and never use knock-off replacement part for it.

That can revoke your eligibility for capped price servicing.

What perks can you get from warranty and capped price servicing?

You can reap many wonders when you take advantage of capped price servicing and warranty together. Warranty can help you with pre-existing problems you haven’t spotted before buying. Whereas capped Mitsubishi service price can help you save in getting servicing for your car after purchase, including problems your car acquires under your ownership.

Following the AC unit problem example above, you can apply warranty if it’s already problematic before you have bought your Mitsubishi car. But if it was damaged because of factors such as accumulated dust or dirt, you can have it covered under capped price deals.

The key here is, you should get the best warranty and capped price servicing offer from an accredited dealership. That can help you enjoy support from Mitsubishi as you own your car for the first few years.

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